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The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is a professional networking and educational association of 13,000 Members in 10 specialty Forums in 29 Chapters around the world. IIDA was founded in 1994 as the result of a merger of the Institute of Business Designers (IBD), the International Society of Interior Designers (ISID), and the Council of Federal Interior Designers (CFID). The goal of the merger was to create an international association with a united mission that would represent Interior Designers worldwide. Since then, IIDA has worked to convene communities of interior designers across regions and specialties representing the interests for the entire community. IIDA strives to create a strong niche for the most talented and visionary Interior Design professionals, to elevate the profession to the level it warrants, and to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design innovators.

The Association provides a forum to demonstrate design professionals' impact on the health, safety, wellbeing and virtual soul of the public, balancing passion for good design and strategy for best business practices. IIDA stands at the intersection of passion and strategy where designers create extraordinary interiors and experiences. Members are professionals including interior designers, architects, educators, Interior Design students, industry manufacturers, industry representatives, and individuals in related fields such as landscape architecture, lighting design and architectural photography. For more information, visit www.iida.org.

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200.

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