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Extreme Makeover Interior Edition  Cheryl Durst, Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Interior Design Association, discusses America's fascination with remodeling, decorating and home makeovers, and dispels some myths about the Interior Design profession.

Interior Design For Health IIDA professionals discuss how Interior Design improves health and healing for hospital patients and others in healthcare settings.

Interiors that Promote Learning How kids learn is directly affected by design. Many children misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD can benefit from changes in classroom design. Cheryl Durst, Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Interior Design Association, tells how non-traditional classroom designs have been shown to improve education.

Let the Sun Shine In Cheryl Durst illuminates the benefits of natural sunlight in interior spaces, including how students in classroom with natural light have measurable improvement in testing over kids in classrooms without sun light.

I Want to Work Here! Competitive firms today recognize office design plays an important role in attracting and retaining top talent. IIDA professionals who have designed interior spaces for some top corporations tell how they help companies compete in today's information-driven economy.

Is Clutter Hampering Your Prosperity? The old adage that a messy work space is a sign of productivity may be a worn out myth in today's fast-paced business world. IIDA professionals tell how they help top entrepreneurs create home and office work environments to improve their ability to create wealth.

Designing for Love IIDA professionals discuss the romance of Interior Design and how well-designed interior spaces help rev up our love lives.

Diversity in Design Cheryl Durst is a former Docent for the Museum of African Art and Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, an active Member of the Organization of Black Designers and past President of the Kohl Children's Museum Women's Board. She tells why she speaks to school groups across the country, including African-American and Hispanic youth, to encourage them to consider Interior Design as a profession.

Redesign to Resell IIDA professional designers discuss how professional redesign can give homeowners a leg up when it comes time to sell, even in a buyer's market.

Humanizing Big Spaces When we think of interior designers we naturally think about home interiors. But the majority of IIDA's 13,000 Members worldwide design larger spaces such as airports, hospitals, hotels, stores and work places. Cheryl Durst tells how designers work with architects and other planners to create interiors for health and wellness, safety, environmental sustainability and sense of place.

The Do-It-All Mom Cheryl Durst is a wife and a mom to two kids in addition to being the chief spokesperson for the IIDA. She discusses how she balances family life with frequent travel around the country to promote IIDA and the Interior Design profession

Sustainability and Green Design An IIDA fellow designed the new space for the U.S. Green Building Council, Al Gore's New York and the world's first sustainable spa. Professionals tell how they use the latest sustainable products to create long-term benefits for health and the environment.

Design Across Disciplines The Association's 13,000 Members include, in addition to interior designers, architects, educators, Interior Design students, manufacturers, industry representatives, and professionals in related fields such as landscape architecture, lighting design and architectural photography. Cheryl Durst tells how IIDA helps these Members develop professionally and advances the Interior Design profession worldwide.

The Professional's Network IIDA publishes its award-winning quarterly journal Perspective that is used by designers, educators and students, maintains its Knowledge Center online database and holds Membership roundtables on government, hospitality, industry, the economy and other areas. Cheryl Durst tells how these efforts advance the profession.

Partnering for Publicity: IIDA joined forces last year with PitchRate.com, an online news query service that connects news media with top-rated experts and sources. Cheryl Durst discusses how IIDA professionals use the partnership to advance business endeavors and better educate the public on the importance of Interior Design.

The Interior Designer as Cultural Anthropologist IIDA professionals discuss their passion for designing spaces that reflect our humanity, sense of community and intrinsic values, and reveal and explain important Interior Design elements of some notable modern landmarks.

Public Web site: www.iida.org

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200.

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