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Suggested questions for Cheryl Durst:

  1. Why do you think Americans are so fascinated by Interior Design as seen in the popularity of home makeover programs and HGTV?
  2. What's the biggest misconception you find people have about the Interior Design profession?
  3. How can Interior Design improve prospects for health and wellness?
  4. What is the latest research into the benefits of natural light for students?
  5. What are some other ways Interior Design can improve learning opportunities for students?
  6. You have said that some kids misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD can benefit from changes in classroom design. How do these classroom designs improve learning? Are they good for all students?
  7. IIDA Members have designed some very high profile corporate headquarters including those for Google and the U.S. Green Building Council. What benefits can professional interior designers offer top firms?
  8. How are interior designers and the IIDA promoting environmental sustainability? Is it just about the products you buy or is there more to creating green interiors?
  9. What are some of the benefits of Interior Design entrepreneurs, particularly those working from home?
  10. How can Interior Design influence our ability to prosper?
  11. Can an interior space actually improve people's love lives?
  12. You speak to thousands of people around the country each year about Interior Design, including a lot of students. How do you inspire more young people and minority students to get interested in this profession?
  13. You are a wife and mom as well as the chief spokesperson of this organization that has 17,000 Members worldwide. How do balance being a mom with a job that requires you to travel frequently?
  14. You have described interior designers as "cultural anthropologists." What does that mean and how do IIDA professionals humanize large spaces such as airports, hospitals and hotels?
  15. The International Interior Design Association includes not only interior designers but also architects, educators, Interior Design students, manufacturers, industry representatives, and professionals in related fields such as landscape architecture, lighting design and architectural photography. How does the organization help people from all these fields develop professionally?
  16. How is IIDA getting the word out about the wide-ranging expertise of its Members?

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